Accounting is something you either get excited about or you would rather get a root canal 🙂

For most business owners accounting is something that they will do later.  The problem is that with every “I’ll do it later”, the pile of receipts, invoices, bills and bank statements turns your desk into an overwhelming mass of paper.

Sage Software wrote a short article listing 6 signs that suggest you might need help with your accounting and also offers ideas on how to get your accounting back on track.

What does the article say are the 6 signs?

  1. You’ve got loads of work – but no money in the bank
  2. You keep finding receipts in strange places
  3. Invoicing is way down on your priority list
  4. You can’t find your bank statements
  5. Your spreadsheets are too complicated
  6. You “don’t have time” for bookkeeping

For those who want to tackle their “bookkeeping phobia”, Sage offers great ideas on how you can tackle the pile of accounting issues.

At Beyond Accounting we get it that we are numbers nerds and that business owners would rather spend their energy on getting new customers and keeping customers happy.  If you think it is time to focus on doing what you are passionate about and let someone else (like a numbers nerd) credits focus on your accounting give us a call today at 888-893-7593.

We offer a free one-hour consultation to discover what you need and how we can help you create a roadmap to success.  Let us be your personal numbers nerd who clears the accounting anxiety from your office so you can focus on what you actually love doing!