Ready, Set, Go!

“Everyone is not your customer” – Seth Godin

Why choose Beyond Accounting as your Road Trip partner?

Do you ask yourself these questions and are not sure how to get the answers?

  • Why are revenues growing but profits are not?
  • What is the cost to produce our products? Are costs accurate?
  • Does our accounting and/or ERP system capture costs from manufacturing process?
  • What are cash flow projections?  Have enough cash to pay bills in the future?
  • How do we create a budget? Track a budget?
  • What KPI’s (key performance indicators) do we need to track? Can we track KPI’s?
  • Profits are good but cash flow is a problem—why?
  • What is our strategy? Where do we want the company to go?

As your strategic partner, we work with you to find the answers to these questions to help you hit the goals and targets needed to achieve success. We offer accounting different packages that fit where your company is today and/or where you want the company to be.  You can select a standard accounting package or create a custom package tailored to your specific needs. At Beyond Accounting we succeed when you no longer need us because your company has grown to the level where you need to hire a full-time in-house Controller or CFO!

Next stop: Roadmap to success!

Time is money , so we don’t waste your time or ours, we believe the first step is to invest in a one-hour consultation at no charge to help us know what your goals are and what you believe is needed to successfully achieve your goals. The other important outcome from the initial meeting is to determine if we are a good fit based on our respective core business models and values.

Call our office today at 1-888-893-7593 to schedule your free consultation or send an email to

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