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Fractional CFO | Accounting Services | Business process Consulting


Factional CFO | Accounting Services | Business process Consulting


Do You Struggle With

-Inaccurate accounting figures?

-Inefficient process across your business?

-Unclear financial direction?

-Wasting money?

Beyond Accounting Can Help

Every day companies struggle with how to become more profitable. At Beyond Accounting we help you implement new processes across your entire business. So your finances, your team, and your company vision are all helping you scale your organization.

Have Confidence in Your Numbers

Have a plan to accomplish your goals

Grow Your Organization


We were in need of experienced financial assistance to help organize and make sense of our financial data. We were inconsistent in tracking our expenses, accounts receivable, and weren’t able to make decisions based on sound data.  Like the name implies Beyond Accounting was not only able to help us get our finances in order, but helped us create processes across our entire business. From our contracting, to IT and HR services. Beyond Accounting provided research, advice, and a plan that has set our company up for growth. We feel calmer and can trust the integrity of our financial data. We can finally make decisions knowing how they will impact our short term and long-term success. If we had to sum up Beyond Accounting we would say they are experienced and proven in what they do.

Susan Bricker, COO , Rocky Mountain Westy

After the sale of our family owned business to a larger organization we found ourselves in need of a seasoned Accountant/Controller. We had the daunting task of communicating how we had done business and accounted for inventory and costing to the new corporate executives. Beyond Accounting was able to dig deep into our numbers, communicating seamlessly with our operations personal as well as the new corporate executives. They really closed the gap between the two groups. It wasn’t easy but we are so grateful for the outcome. Our merger was a success and a big part of that was Beyond Accounting’s highly effective and professional process.

Kregg Listen, Senior Vice President, , Teasdale Foods Greeley Division

COVID-19 took a real toll on our business. Beyond Accounting was able to help us get the relief we needed and advised us on each step we should take. I am overwhelmed by their support and can’t imagine where we would be without their help and input. I truly value Beyond Accounting and I am grateful for the efforts and service they have put into our company as we have grown.

Mike Labate, Owner, Rocky Mountain Westy

Highly recommend! Knowledgeable, professional, friendly, trustworthy, reasonable rates. Good People.

Don Pierson, Owner,, Dickens Alley

“Beyond Accounting takes small business owners such as myself and opens up the mind to ponder the potential of the future of the business. If you’re having trouble envisioning how to grow your business, or what running a small business will entail, Nancy will walk you through the steps and help you get going with a purpose. Highly recommended.”

David Young, 5th Street Construction

We Specialize in Your Financial & Operational Needs

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How Beyond Accounting Can Help You

Fractional Controller

  • Oversight of accounting depart
  • Reconcile & Validate your numbers
  • Financial Reports
  • Processes & Controls
Do months go by without having an income statement or knowing how profitable your company is?Not sure if your bookkeeper is reconciling your accounts?Wondering if the books are setup right and if data is entered correctly?Beyond Accounting can help you get your books in order, provide reports, provide oversight for your bookkeeper and help you understand what the numbers are telling you. Contact us today to make worry about your bookkeeping a thing of the past.

Fractional CFO

  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Costing & Profit Strategy
  • Expansion & Growth Strategy
  • Financial Reporting with Analysis
Your Profit and Loss numbers tell a story of how your company is functioning.  The question is what is that story and how will it end?Beyond Accounting specializes in filling the role of a CFO/Controller at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in house CFO. Every company needs someone who can help them make sense of their company numbers, and use those numbers to help launch your organization to the next level.Whether your goal is increasing profitability, successfully navigate a merger or just overall company growth. A Beyond Accounting Fractional CFO can make it happen for you. Contact Us Now and start making confident decisions about the future of your organization.

A La Carte Services

  • Sage 50 & QuickBooks Software
  • Financial & Operational Diagnostic Review
  • Operational Process Analysis
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Accounting Software Needs Assessment
  • Interim CFO or Controller
Need an interim CFO to cover an extended absence or open position?  Or need an outside review of processes or accounting system? Or just need someone to create a budget or cash flow forecast?The problem is that your accounting department is running at full capacity or maybe a needed skill set is missing, and you don’t need to or want to hire another employee.Our A La Carte services allow you to create a customized special project that is flexible, affordable, short term and keeps your company on track to complete key goals needed to reach your target for success.Call now and schedule a free consultation.

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