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Most people don’t realize that there are many different specialties/industries for accounting such as, non-profit, retail, restaurants, service, medical, construction and manufacturing. Each of these industries all follow the same standard accounting principles but also have unique requirements and needs.

Beyond Accounting focuses on working with manufacturing companies and can help navigate the complex issues such as costing (Fifo, Standard, Average), labor tracking, materials procurement, accounting system and more.

With over 30 years of experience, we can help your business find answers to these questions and more!

Process Manufacturing: Food, Chemicals, Paint, etc that are based on a batch recipe.

  • Does your accounting/MRP system mirror the actual process in the plant?
  • Are scrap or yield rates built into the recipe? Can you track the scrap?
  • What costing method works best; FIFO or Standard?
  • Is overhead allocated to each step or when the final product is made?
  • What is overhead and how is the rate calculated?
  • Is direct labor part of the recipe or part of overhead?
  • Is lot tracking needed for ingredients?
  • Asset tracking system in place?
  • Make to Order or Stock?

Discrete Manufacturing: Tooling, Toys, Furniture, Widgets, etc that are based on a bill of materials (BOM).

  • Does the finished product have sub-assemblies?
  • Are work or machine centers identified?
  • Are routings used? Should routings be used?
  • Is overhead allocated to sub-assemblies or to the final product?
  • Is direct labor part of each BOM or included in overhead?
  • What costing method works best; FIFO or Standard?
  • How much raw material inventory should be maintained?
  • Asset tracking system in place?
  • Make to Order or Stock? Job or quote based?

While our specialty is manufacturing, we can also help companies in other industries. All it takes is a phone call or on-site meeting to find out what your unique needs are and how we can help you reach your goals and vision! Contact us today!

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